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A Disinfectant:
BACTERICIDE – Destroys micro-organisms
FUNGICIDE – Kills Fungus
SANITIZER – Reduces levels of micro-organisms from inanimate environments
VIRICIDE – Kills Viruses
MILDEWCIDE – Kills mold and mildew
GERMICIDE – Kills germs and disinfects
DEODORANT – Destroys pathogenic odors
BACTERIOSTATIC – Inhibits bacterial growth
FUNGISTATIC – Inhibits fungal growth

An Insecticide, protects against:
Lice, Ticks, Dust Mites, Centipedes, Bed Bugs; Fleas, Sowbugs, Ants, Silverfish, Roaches and Firebrats.

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Sterifab® Sizes

5 Gallon Bucket, 1 Gallon Container